It’s time to choose you

Find something worth being

So you want to have life worth living, you want to be be a person worth being. But where to start…?

The first thing, of course, is that you *decide*.

You make the decision to strive towards your goal. And only you can make that decision. As Seth would say, you don’t wait to be picked, you pick yourself.

The second, less existential/more actionable move is that you go out and buy a copy of Tom Peter’s lovely new book, “The Excellence Dividend”.

Tom has a really big idea: That “Excellence” has more to do with *mindset* than social position or personal circumstance. Ergo, “Excellence” can be implemented right here, right now, by anyone, anywhere, be they the CEO or the person in the cubicle, without asking anyone’s permission beforehand, without anyone having to make a big song and dance about it.

You just wait for the light switch to go off inside your brain, and then you go do it. No secret handshake, no secret recipes, no memo from the guys in the corner office. Just your own grit and determination. It’s that simple.

Good luck to you.

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