It’s time to take charge!

Nobody can tell you to be a leader

For years I thought the way to be successful was to excel at something, say, business or writing or science or directing films.

I was wrong. The way you become successful is by getting people to work with you, on some difficult but worthy mission.

And to do that is to lead them, to be a leader.

And there’s no school for that, no degree. It’s just a matter of stepping up.

“I’m Spartacus!!!!”, as it were.

The interesting thing to me is, there’s no waiting. You don’t have to be a senior in the organization, you don’t have to be the captain. You can be a mailroom guy or a private in the trenches.

Then, it’s all up to you whether you rise the flag and charge. Or not.

This is a not a game. This is real life.

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